The Inner Beauty of Magnolia Threads

Hello and thank you for visiting Magnolia Threads Boutique.  My name is Joy Sterrett and I am the owner of this darling shop.  We are local to the Indianapolis Indiana area and you can find us online or at various popup boutique events.  I thought I would share a little bit about how this boutique came about, and how it works.

I have spent the last 13 years being a NICU nurse working in a large hospital system.  This was my lifelong dream and I received my BSN degree from Indiana University.  I absolutely loved being a part of those tiny babies lives and they still hold a big piece of my heart.  After having kiddos of my own, I knew that I wanted to stay home more with them and the demands of keeping up with an ICU on a part time basis was just getting to be too much.  So, my love for fashion came into play and I decided I would go forth with my dream of owning a clothing boutique.  Because I have two little girls of my own, Magnolia who is 3.5 years and Emerson who is 16 months, I decided little girls’ fashion was the route I wanted to go.  I knew as a mom that it was hard to find cute, unique outfits that didn’t break my budget.  I hated trying to shop for a picture outfit and spending $100+ on something I knew she would wear once.  After finding these two brands that I carry and trying the clothes on my own kiddos, I knew that’s what I wanted to offer.  My vision for Magnolia Threads was born; fashion forward clothing on a mama friendly budget.  I wanted moms to be able to shop for an outfit and make a purchase with accessories and be under $50.  I also wanted them to have something that was soft, kid tested and could withstand the joys of childhood.  I have done just that with the clothing that I offer.

So how does this all work you ask??  I am a one woman show.  And, being that I have a background in nursing and not business ownership, this journey has been a learning curve and I am gaining new knowledge every day.  It is a cumbersome process as a one woman show, but I take pride in every step that it takes.  I am a wholesale partner with two companies in which I love their product.  I hand pick every piece that I purchase for my boutique.  Because I am small, I usually only purchase 2 pieces in each size, so get them quick before they sell out.  Once the order arrives, the magic takes place in my basement.  All inventory is unpacked, hung up, steamed, tagged, inventoried, photographed, and loaded onto the website.  That is a process!  Whew!  If you are ever wondering why it takes me awhile to get stuff and load it, just picture me in my basement with two kids crawling all over me while trying to do that long list of tasks.  If I am attending a popup boutique event, that adds to my to do list.  Thank goodness for a “mamavan” because everything has to be packed up.  I thoroughly enjoy these events though because meeting each of you is what makes this work.  I love seeing all of the cute kiddos and seeing the joy on their mama’s face when they find a cute outfit.    It makes it all worth it!!

Last, but not least, I could not live this dream without my customers.  I strive to have satisfied mamas and build customers for life.  Because I am a small business, I can give the personal customer service that I feel is important to each and everyone of my customers.  I am not a pro at this yet, so there are always going to be bumps in the road or confusion.  If I can help in anyway, I will do just that.

As always, I appreciate your support and hope you continue to choose Magnolia Threads for all of your fashion needs!!

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