Why should you purchase from a boutique??

Boutique shopping is part of the upcoming retail trends.  As many big box retailers and name brands we know and love transition towards an online marketplace or have gone out of business, it is getting harder for mamas to find cute, functional clothes for their little ones.  I have asked myself this question many times.  Before I became a boutique owner, I did shop at small shops for myself and occasionally for my children.  I loved being able to find unique clothing that no one else had.  There are many benefits to shopping “small”!  Here are my top 3 reasons for being a boutique follower…

  1. You Are Supporting a Small Business Owner
  • Many boutiques are owned by mom’s just like me. We started small and built our boutiques on a dream.  Buying something from a small business means supporting dreams, feeding someone’s family and helping to keep customer service personalized.
  1. You Are Getting Something Unique
  • Unlike buying from a big box retailer in which every other little kiddo is wearing the same thing as your little one, buying from a boutique means getting something unique, that not many others have. With a small inventory, I can provide you with fashion forward styles that you can’t purchase anywhere else.  I call them “looks for less”!
  1. You Get More for Your Money
  • My main goal is to provide kid friendly clothes on a mom friendly budget. No one wants to spend $100 on an outfit they may wear once and have to “babysit” in the laundry.  I carry two brands of clothes that are tried and true.  I have put these clothes on my children, they have withstood the joys of childhood and every stain has come out easy.  I don’t hang dry or babysit anything in the laundry, because let’s be honest, what mom has time to do that when they have 9 loads of laundry to conquer daily.

Thank you for visiting Magnolia Threads Boutique!  Please keep following as new inventory comes in and summertime starts to bloom.  If you need help styling or have a question, please contact me at contact@magnoliathreads.net.  Happy Shopping!

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